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Tree Species

Grows to 15 m tall, less frequently remaining as a shrub. Has deep roots; trunk to 20–30 cm in diameter; bark rough and fissured, grey to blackish brown or black;  crown flat, umbrella-shaped or irregular, usually narrow and open. Thorns are paired abd grey, usually up to 1.5 cm long. Flowers are white or cream & scented. The bark can be used for making rope and twine, the leaves and pods are eaten by livestock. Acacia gerrardii is considered a useful tree in grazing land as it provides only light shade and does not depress growth of the fodder species beneath. The thorny branches are used to make fences for livestock enclosures (‘bomas’). The wood is used as timber, for carvings, small furniture, poles, posts, tool handles, for charcoal production, and as fuelwood. A soup is made from the bark. Honey bees feed on the flowers.

It is also known Flood Plain Acacia. Moist areas, medium sized 2-15m branching from base. Grows from 1,500-2,500min wooded grasslands and river valleys. Fast growing with green/yellow bark on young trees brown on old ones. Fuelwood, charcoal, tea from the bark and the pods are fodder for livestock and wildlife. Also an excellent source of forage for bees.